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History of the old logging towns of Newport and Kibesillah

The town of Newport and its history
The coast Indians were the first inhabitants and lived in the area for thousands of years. They were relatively peaceful and traded with inland tribes. Also, Russian fur traders plied the coast for a century or more before the arrival of American loggers. The vast forests of giant redwoods were discovered by some shipwrecked sailors who made it back to San Francisco overland and reported their findings. The loggers started coming to the area around 1850 and built a series of mills and lumber chutes along the coast. The chutes where used to slide the lumber into waiting schooners for the journey to San Francisco. The Newport chute was constructed about 1865 and a small town was built around it on what is today our Inn site. Remnants of the chute can still be seen! By 1885, the most accessible big trees had been cut and the Newport mill was moved to Fort Bragg. As there was no longer a need for the Chute, most of the Newport residents disassembled their buildings and followed the mill to its new location. The abandoned land then became a farm, and a number of farm buildings were constructed around 1900, including a two-story house, which forms the core of our Inn. Some of the original settlers are buried on the ranch in a small cemetery on a hill overlooking what was once the town of Newport.

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The Newport Chute - 1870's

Mr. & Mrs. C R Johnson looking at the Kibesillah Chute from Newport. CR Johnson was the founder of the Union Lumber Company, the largest Lumber company in the area

Kibesillah in the mid 1800s

ranch farming
Picking peas in Newport a century ago

newport north cemetary
Newport cemetary

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