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A Breathtaking Oceanfront Experience

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...have created an Inn which celebrates the bounty and beauty of the north coast. The architecture, while bold, is charmingly intimate. The 20-foot wide walk-in fireplace incorporates stones which weigh a ton or more and were placed, with the help of a crane, before the walls or roof were built. The exposed rugged beams are connected seamlessly and held in place by wooden pegs and hidden lugs. The structural elements of one of the Inn’s buildings consist of 24 redwood trees, some of which start in the lower level conference room and continue up through the first and second floors into the room beams and cathedral ceiling. These branchless trees, with their bark still on, are 25 feel tall and almost three feet in diameter and add an enchanted quality to the rooms. The hallway in the main Inn is paneled with redwood boards up to five feet wide, and the living room flooring is 30-inch old growth redwood planks. Some of these boards were milled on the ranch from logs left behind by the old loggers. The use of these natural and local materials honors the bounty of the area, helps to bring outside inside and connects you to the landscape.

An Architectural feature of the early north coast towns was their water towers, which provided constant water pressure, as well as fire protection. While not necessary today, many of these towers remain as icons of the past and, because of their charm, some have been remodeled into guest cottages and stores. Our water tower has a caterer’s kitchen below and a hot tub on top! Watching the sun go down from that vantage point is an enthralling experience.

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water tower hot tub
Our water tower with hot tub on top

water tower hot tub
Conference/rec room fireplace

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The Newport Room fireplace

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