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A deposit equal to one night's stay is due upon reservation of your accommodations. Reservations cancelled after booking will be charged a $30 administrative fee. Within 14‐days of check‐in, your deposit is no longer refundable. Last minute cancelations are non‐refundable, however, in the event that we are able to re‐book your room or suite for the dates cancelled, we will credit this amount to your charges.

We highly encourage guests to purchase travel insurance to protect them from unforeseeable circumstances that may require last‐minute cancellations.

*No exceptions or credits will be made on any cancellation*


Cash, traveler’s checks, VISA. Master Card, American Express, Discover are all accepted. All rates are subject to change.


Check-In time is normally between 3-7PM If you expect you may be arriving later than 7PM, please let us know so arrangements can be made. Having the full amount of time between check-outs and check-ins is the only way we can ensure the high quality of cleanliness and service standard that we uphold. We ask that guests be checked out of their room by 11AM on the day of departure. We dislike charging late fees, but please note that for every half hour you stay in your room or suite past 11AM, we will add a $25 to your stay. It may be possible for us to arrange early check-ins and late check-outs upon request.


Breakfast is complimentary for each guest staying at the Inn. Lunches can be added for $20 per person and can be enjoyed in one of our dining rooms or picked up picnic style to be enjoyed along the cliffs or trails. Fireside Happy Hour is offered each evening at the Inn; hors d'oeuvres are complimentary as well as your first glass of wine, beer or cocktail. Additional drinks can be purchased for $12 each (with the exception of some top-shelf liquors) and sparkling and still wines can be purchased by the bottle. You are welcome to bring your own bottle of wine to our dinner table for a $15 corkage. We offer a 3-course dinner service is offered to our guests each evening and can be added for $65 per person. We have a small, seasonal menu which will be provided to you prior to your stay; as we are a small kitchen, serving only our guests, we ask that your entrée selections be confirmed by 10 AM the day of service.

Inn meals, including breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner, and the ATV rides are available upon request for extra charge at our off-site rentals Sea Drum and Quarry House.


As we are a non-tipping environment, a Service Charge of 15% will be added to your final bill which goes directly to your servers, bartenders, ATV drivers and house-keeping staff. All rates and service charges are pre-tax. Mendocino Room Tax is 11%. Food, Beverage and Service Charge Tax is 8%.

Groups, Weddings and Parties

Groups planning events and weddings must contact us directly before booking any rooms, and depending on your group size and needs, you may be required to take over the entire Inn. We do this to protect the expectation of the both the group, and for other guests who would otherwise be on the property at that time. We are a small property, not a large hotel, and want your event to be as special as is hoped.

Maximum Occupancy of Rooms

Inn rooms are configured for one and two adults only, with the exception of our two-bedroom suite and full house rentals. Guests are expected to adhere to room occupancies set on our website. If you have questions about sleeping arrangements or adding extra guests to a room, please call us directly, so we can help ensure your stay will be as comfortable as possible and meet the needs of your group. Additional guests can sometimes be admitted upon request for an additional $45 per day, which covers breakfast and happy hour services. We will enforce room occupancy maximums; unannounced additional guests in rooms or suites may result in the cancellation of your reservation.

Outside Guests

Please ask permission to invite outside guests onto the property during your stay or join you for dinner. All non-guests of the Inn will be expected to depart by 9PM.

Lost Key Charge

Should a guest lose their key during their stay or fail to return their key upon check-out, a charge of $50 will be added to the invoice.


We strive to maintain an "adults only" atmosphere at the Inn and create an environment where our guests can relax and unwind in the quiet beauty of our property. We do not allow children under the age of 14 to stay on the property, with the exception of private, buy-out events. If you arrive with children for a stay at the Inn unannounced, we may ask you to find somewhere else to stay if we feel your children will affect the enjoyment of our other guests. This will be considered a cancellation and you will be charged the full amount of your reservation.

Pet Policy

Because the Inn at Newport Ranch is a working cattle ranch, we ask that you not bring your pets / emotional support animals with you for your stay as it is not a safe environment for them. If you arrive with pets, you will need to find somewhere for them to stay off property, or cancel your reservation, in which case you will be charged the full cost of your reservation. Service animals that are individually trained for specific work or tasks to help a person with their disability are welcomed; dogs whose sole function is to provide emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.


No smoking is allowed in any of the Inn's rooms or interior spaces. Smoking is allowed in specified areas out of doors. If we find you have smoked in your room or suite during your stay, a cleaning fee of $500 will be added to your invoice to cover the cost of cleaning.

Property Damage

You will be expected to pay for any and all damages incurred as a result of you or any guests in your party, including excess damage to the grounds, rental equipment or gardens as well as loss of lodging revenue as a direct result of the actions of your guests.

Assumption of Liability

In consideration for being a guest at the Inn, all guests assume responsibility for the risks they take, including, but not limited to, risks that arise from natural features of the property, cliffs, precipices, water pools, springs and tides, constructed objects and living creatures – domestic and wild. Any guest who through their own negligence or recklessness inflicts injury on another guest or animal shall be personally liable.


What are typical temperatures at The Inn at Newport Ranch?
climate chart

Are children allowed to stay at The Inn at Newport Ranch?

Families with children 14 years and older are welcome at The Inn. If you rent the entire Inn for a wedding or an event, younger children are welcome.

Are pets allowed at The Inn at Newport Ranch?

We do not accept pets, as we are a working cattle ranch and do not feel it is safe for pets.

What if I have special dietary restrictions?

Our Chef is pleased to accommodate dietary needs for our guests. If you have a food allergy, please inform us as soon as possible so the kitchen may adequately prepare.

What is the attire in the dining room?

Dress at the ranch is casual; jeans are acceptable in the Dining Room for all meals.

Are tax and gratuities included in The Inn at Newport Ranch’s rates?

No, tax and gratuities are not included. As we are a non-tipping environment, we add a 15% service charge to your final bill which is divided amongst our dedicated staff.


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