Coming This Spring
Mendocino coast lodging
at the site of the historic Newport Lumber Chute

"We are not pioneers ourselves but we travel old trails that are new to us, and with hearts open, who shall distinguish"
– J. Monroe Thorington

Be a modern pioneer and stay with us. Explore the majesty of the California North Coast at the
Newport Chute.
Horseback Riding
ATV Safaris
Over a Mile of Coastline and Twenty miles of coastal- redwood- and ridge-top trails
The Inn at Newport Ranch is wrapped in solitude, colored with quiet tones by the soft rush of the sea. Our redwood trees are growing wide and tall again, bringing the wind-brushed hush from their ancient branches back to the Californian coast. A 2,000-acre ranch, your private retreat stretches more than a mile beside Pacific Ocean tides. The race of a day disappears in folds of soft rolling hills. Ocean drums beat in cadence with the tides during the quiet, dark night. Our horses are ready to saddle-up for your journey through earthen trails turned through glades of redwood and Douglas fir at the edge of a continent.
Seclusion… Our culture is solely focused to provide our few esteemed guests with a memorable time at one of the most beautiful coastal settings in the world. Ocean views, sea stacks, sandy beaches, redwoods and douglas fir, masterpieces of art amid wild and tangled seaside veldts are here for you to find.

Our Mission is to provide our guests with a memorable experience on one of the most beautiful coastal settings in the world.